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Commemorative Coins of India

To start with, we know commemorative means that we make something that is accepted by the world in remembrance of an important day or a legend. i.e. depicts as a memorial of an event or a person. These can also be based on various themes, ancient monuments or places, renowned personalities, extended species, etc. Commemorative coins are those depictions of these memorials on a coin. These commemorative coins of India are issued in limited quantities for a limited time to ...See more

honor or feature someone or something important and act as a SYMBOLIC HISTORY.

The first commemorative coin of India was issued in the year 1964, in the honor of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Since then, numerous coins from 5 paise to Rs 1000 have been issued. These coins based on birth or death centenary or anniversaries of famous personalities, commemoration of special programs or sport events, anniversaries of historical incidents, Key organization, etc.

To make it simple, you might have seen a Rs. 2 coin with a depiction of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, behind the coin. These kind of coins are commemorative coins of India. But, there are some coins that are not meant to be used as legal tender but they are a collector’s delight. Generally, these coins are issued on a particular event like, on January 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had released a commemorative coin of Rs 350 to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh.

It is a way to express our gratitude towards the legendary people or historical events, to show respect & honour and to keep our memories related to our eventful history.

The commemorative coins of India are launched by the Indian Government Mint but sometimes, due to lack of resources, the coins are also minted in Foreign Mints. These commemorative coins of India are legal tenders in most of the cases but collectors tend to collect and not use them as legal tender, as these coins are generally available for a premium to the face value.

So, coin collectors keep collecting these coins and if you don't know the value of these coins, well now you will. These commemorative coins of India can be purchased directly from the Mint or from online platforms. If you need any help in buying or selling these coins, you can check out the collection of Commemorative Coins of India at Please check out the page of to find the missing coin in your collection. So start and enhance your collection and enjoy the hobby of coin collecting.

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