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Organised by


Key Person with contact details

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1st Jan To 10th Jan 2021

Event name : KAY

Organised By Avnish

Addres: Mumbai

Key Person Contact : Avnish- 8652867052

Remark: Test




FIAP/FIP (Organized By):


National Commissioner

Further Details

15th Oct To 20th Oct 2021

Internation Event 2


Hong Kong Place

National commissioner- Aayush

Test By Avnish

25th Nov To 28th Nov 2021

Internation Event 3

Dushyant FIAP/FIP

United State Place

National Commissioner - Dushyant

Test By Avnish with name mention to Dushyant

Date: 01 Jan 2021 To 10 Jan 2021 2021

Event Name: Event name : KAY

Organised by:

Organised By Avnish

Address: Addres: Mumbai

Key Person with contact details:

Key Person Contact : Avnish- 8652867052


Remark: Test


Dates: 15th Oct To 20th Oct 2021

Exhibition: Internation Event 2

FIAP/FIP (Organized By): Aayush

Place: Hong Kong Place

National Commissioner: National commissioner- Aayush

Remarks: Test By Avnish

Dates: 25th Nov To 28th Nov 2021

Exhibition: Internation Event 3

FIAP/FIP (Organized By): Dushyant FIAP/FIP

Place: United State Place

National Commissioner: National Commissioner - Dushyant

Remarks: Test By Avnish with name mention to Dushyant

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